Am I a responsible dog owner


  • Have I chosen the right breed and size dog suitable for my property? (Not one that needs to run a lot when I live in a unit)
  • Have I considered how the dog will fit in with my lifestyle? If I work long hours and have no time for walks or activities, what sort of life will it have? When I travel– who will look after it?
  • Have I trained and/or socialized my dog to be friendly towards other dogs and people and not aggressive?
  • Have I trained and/or socialized my dog to be calm when meeting other dogs and people, not to be over excited and jumping all over them?
  • Do I give my dog plenty of daily exercise, and not leave it locked or chained up all the time?
  • Have I registered my dog, had it micro-chipped (prior to reaching 6 months of age), de-sexed and vaccinated?

At Home

  • Do I know if my dog barks when I am not at home?
  • Have I trained my dog so it does not run at the fence barking and jumping when someone walks past?
  • Are my fences and gates suitable to keep the dog in my yard?
  • Have I considered my neighbors and their special needs?  Do they sleep through the day because they are shift-workers?
  • Do I realize that a dog likes to see what is going on, and when it cannot see, it can become anxious?
  • Do I have water and shelter or shade available at all times.

Out and About

  • Do I understand the term “effective dog control in a public place”? This is when my dog is in a public place (only those that have been designated as ‘off lead’ areas in accordance with a Dog Management Policy), and is to be restrained on a lead of no more than two meters in length.
  • Do I use a lead at all times on a public street or footpath in a town?
  • Do I have the registration tag on the dog’s collar?
  • Have I considered placing a tag with dogs name and a contact phone number on the collar, just in case?
  • Do I carry a doggie bag when in public?
  • Do I know where to find Council doggie bags?
  • Do I pick up after my dog at all times.
  • Have I considered how inconsiderate it is to leave a doggy mess for someone else to step in or clean up?
  • Do I realize that even though I know my dog, it does not mean that others will have the same comfort around its potential behavior?
  • Do I understand that not all people are “dog” people, some people are afraid of dogs, and I need to take this into account when out and about particularly when the dog is off the leash?
  • Have I considered that children and young people, are often afraid or intimidated by dogs. Sometimes simply the size of a dog bearing down on them can be terrifying.


(does not apply to guide/hearing dogs)

I understand that I cannot take my dog into PROHIBITED PUBLIC PLACES, including

  • on school and crèche grounds
  • into shops and shopping centres (unless to a pet shop, vet, or the like),
  • public pool grounds
  • on a playing area of a sports ground
  • within ten metres of a children’s playground


This also includes these George Town municipality locations:

  • George Town Cemetery
  • Penguin Rookery except within the Low Head Road Reservation
  • Wildlife Sanctuary, from North Esplanade George Town to the South end of Lagoon Bay, with exception of the walking track where dogs must remain on lead at all times.
  • Weymouth - The triangular section of bush land located North of Major Street and East of Smith Street
  • Hillwood Football oval
  • Lefroy Cemetery
  • Alford Cemetery Pipers River
  • National Parks, Reserves and Foreshores, unless signposted otherwise.


I can take my dog to the following ON LEAD DOG EXCERCISE AREAS

  • The York Cove Walking Track in George Town
  • Regent Square, north of the Memorial Hall
  • Sports Complex (excluding playing areas)
  • East beach, starting from the western end and extending east to Cimitiere Creek
  • Lagoon Beach BBQ area
  • Bellingham recreation area
  • Hillwood sports Ground (but not on the playing surface)

OFF Lead Dog Exercise Areas

I can also take my dog to the following OFF LEAD DOG EXCERCISE AREAS

  • Monument public reserve (south of Cimitiere Street)
  • York Cove and Rivulet parklands (excluding the playground and walking track)
  • Bark Park, dog park at the Sports Complex in Marguerite St
  • East Beach, east of Cimitiere Creek.
  • Beechford Recreation Ground (south of tennis court only)
  • Hillwood grassed area on corner of Hillwood Jetty Road and Craigburn Road (not yet fully developed, but a good open paddock for a run)  


I can take my dog to the following areas only outside of the hours of 9am and 6.30pm in the summer period from 1st December until 31st March inclusive. (unless otherwise signposted)
Otherwise there are no time restrictions.

  • Lagoon Beach
  • Pilots Bay Beach.


  • I know I can access information like the Councils Dog Management Policy and general information to help me manage and live with my dog in the George Town municipality, from Council’s website at also the
  • the Dog Control Act at
  • And the Council’s Ranger is also able to provide advice and help me to minimize the risk of my dog being a nuisance, and to explain my rights and obligations?

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