Boneseed Blitz

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Boneseed Blitz is back again in 2023.
Boneseed is an invasive weed of national significance. It invades natural areas and out-competes native plants. It can invade the understorey of bushland, reduce biodiversity and become a fire hazard.
Join a team to help remove this unwanted weed.
Hillwood – 10am to 12 noon Saturday 9 September | Reserve on Low Head Road
George Town – 2pm to 4 pm Saturday 9 September | Hillwood Memorial Hall
Beechford - 10am to 12 noon Saturday 23 September | Beechford Community Hub
Lulworth - 10am to 12 noon Sunday 24 September | Lulworth Community Shed
Weymouth - 2pm to 4pm Sunday 24 September | Weymouth Community Hall
Bellingham - 10am to 12 noon Saturday 7 October | Bellingham Community Hall 


Please wear sturdy shoes and hat, and bring water, strong gloves, secateurs, and hand-saw.

For further information: Please contact Kay Bailey on her email at or by phone on 0456 853 445.


Boneseed 2023