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Building & Plumbing

NEW Building Act and Regulations havecommenced from the 1st January 2017.

Please contact Council for further information regarding forms and requirements under the new Act.

If you are:

  • Building a house, garage or other structure
  • Otherwise changing or adding to your property

You may need to apply for a Permit. Please contact Council on 63 82 8800


Builders are required to have an accreditation number (CC Number). Those builders who do not have an accreditation number may provide their temporary receipt number issued by the relevant accreditation body.


Please click below links to find out more information

    • Building Act 2000 - Info
    •           Building and Plumbing -  Forms - Building Fees -Plumbing Fees
    • Environmental Health - Forms - Fees
    • Other Documents and Forms
    •           Regulation of photovoltaic solar panels installed for electricity generation (Building Regulation Advisory Note No.3 of 2013) - Info
    •           Swimming Pools and Spas - InfoAre you buying the kids or grandkids a pool for Christmas?  Is it capable of holding 300mm or more of water? If so it will require a pool fence before filling with water – please click on the Info link for more information and Council contacts.

Please read the How to apply for a Building & Plumbing Permit and/or How to apply for a Planning Permit for more information. If you still have questions, please contact Vicki Hume on 6382 8800 or email

* Council can only accept valid applications.

Lodge on line to check your information and proposal evidence can be accepted.

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