Community Consultation

Council recognises that our community is not a single entity, it is diverse and multicultural and enriched by a rich historical past.

Our municipality is home to a variety of organisations, individuals, community groups and economic communities and it is important to Council that everyone has the opportunity to be heard.

Community consultation ensures that community views are reflected in the decisions of Council.


Current Projects for Community Consultation

Regent Square’s Band Rotunda Placement

The following map references the Regent Square's Band Rotunda placement.

GTC RS1119 MP Presentation - C.pdf


Regent Square’s Revised Design

The following maps are in reference to the consultation held for Regent Square

GTC RS1119 MP Presentation - A 161219.pdf

GTC RS1119 MP Presentation - 3d Render 01.pdf

GTC RS1119 MP Presentation - 3d Render 02.pdf