Community Consultation

Council recognises that our community is not a single entity, it is diverse and multicultural and enriched by a rich historical past.

Our municipality is home to a variety of organisations, individuals, community groups and economic communities and it is important to Council that everyone has the opportunity to be heard.

Community consultation ensures that community views are reflected in the decisions of Council.


Current Projects for Community Consultation

Draft Community Strategic Plan 2020-2030

Council is pleased to present the Draft Community Strategic Plan 2020-2030.  It is open for public comment.  Written submissions are invited and will close at 4pm on the 5th June 2020.

Please view the Draft Community Strategic Plan 2020-2030 here.


Sports and Recreation Planning

 In the coming months, Council will be developing a five (5) year strategy for sport and recreation for the municipality of George Town.  Council has contracted AP Leisure Planners to research, make recommendations and deliver a plan to assist Council in the development of this strategy. 

The plan will assist the Council to:

  • Determine what infrastructure projects are the priority, if funds become available
  • How facilities can be designed so they meet the greatest need, are sustainable and cost-effective to run
  • Encourage more people to be active close to home
  • Attract sports and events back to George Town.

To assist with the above, a survey is being conducted to help the Council understand what residents do for recreation and leisure, so we can better meet your needs in the future. The survey can be found on the link below, and will take a maximum of only ten minutes to complete.

Survey Link

Council would like to thank you for participating in the survey.