Community Assistance Program - Grants

From GTC Community Asssitance Policy (Policy No 10)

The George Town Council is committed to supporting community organisations whose activities contribute to building a vibrant and active community, and individuals under the age of 25 who represent Tasmania or Australia in national or international events, by providing financial assistance.

Council's Community Assistance Program is comprised of an annual allocation of funds which provides a strategic opportunity to work in partnership with community groups, organisations, and individuals to strengthen community capacity and support an active, vibrant and culturally diverse community life".


Council provides financial support through the Community Assistance Program in three ways:

  • Assistance to Individuals
  • Council Fee Remissions
  • Community Grants - Available up to the amount of $2,000.

The amount of funding available in any one year is determined by Council in its budget estimates in June/July each year.

The guidelines explain who can apply, the types of grants available and the Community Assistance application process.

  • All applicants must advise Council immediately of any changes to application details.
  • Funds must be expended only for the purpose approved. Any unspent part of the Community Assistance funds must be returned to Council.
  • Recipient organisations must follow sound governance practices, comply with all laws and regulations, adequately support and supervise volunteers and work to ensure public safety in conducting the project.
  • Recipient organisations must acknowledge Council contribution in all public documents, signage or announcements about the project.
  • Council may provide financial support up to the amount requested.
  • Note:  Fee Remission is applicable to the remission of facility hire fees only.  Hire of assets - eg, audio, crockery, glasses, and cleaning costs, will be the responsibility of the hirer.

Council’s Community Development Officer can assist with the application process. If you would like assistance or need clarification about the process please contact Council:

Phone:             6382 8800
In person:        16-18 Anne Street, George Town






Assistance to Individuals


Available All Year

Guidelines for Assistance to Individuals

Application Form

Council Fee Remission

Up to $500

Available All Year

Guidelines for Council Fee Remission

Application Form

Community Grant

Up to $2000

2019-2020 Financial Year

OPENING Monday 5th August

Open on the first Monday in August and close at 4.30pm on the last Friday in August each year.


Guidelines for Community Grant

Application Form