Meet Your Councillors

The George Town Council has nine councillors elected by the community who also elect the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Council meetings are usually held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Council Chambers. In accordance with the COVID-19 Disease Emergency (Miscellaneous provisions) Act 2020, Council meetings will have a limitation on public attendance to maintain social distancing.  You must pre-register to attend meetings of Council.

Elected Members: 


Greg Kieser

 Mayor Greg Kieser

Councillor Kieser was first elected in October 2018 and in July 2019 as Mayor.

Mobile: 0408 253 150



Greg Dawson


Deputy Mayor Greg Dawson

Councillor Dawson was first elected in 2014.

Mobile: 0407 866 227



Cr Archer

Councillor Winston Archer

Councillor Archer was first elected in 2022.

Mobile: 0400 821 189




Cr Ashley

Councillor Heather Ashley

Councillor Ashely was first elected in 2022.

Mobile: 0419 886 680



Cr Barwick

Councillor Heather Barwick

Councillor Barwick was first elected in 1989.

Mobile: 0429 323 289




Councillor Tim Harris

Councillor Harris was first elected in 2014.

Mobile: 0438 301 056



Cr Lowe

Councillor Simone Lowe

Councillor Lowe was first elected in 2022.

Mobile: 0423 536 090



 Cr Mason

Councillor Winston Mason

Councillor Mason was first elected in October 2018.

Mobile: 0407 052 042



Cr Orr


Councillor Jason Orr

Councillor Orr was first elected in 2022

Mobile: 0407 329 060





 A report on Councillor's Allowances  can be downloaded here.