Current Development Applications

The following applications have been submitted under Section 57 of the Land Use Planning & Approvals Act 1993


DA No:           DA 2017/66                                    Site Plan

Applicant:      Commercial Project Delivery

Proposal:        Deck – vary side setback

Location:        7 Brewer Street, LULWORTH (PID 6462716)

Closes:            23rd October 2017


DA No:           DA 2017/67                                    Site Plan

Applicant:      6ty Pty Ltd

Proposal:        Pool and associated deck

Location:        74 Johnstons Road, HILLWOOD (PID 6465853)

Closes:            23rd October 2017


DA No:           DA 2017/64

Applicant:      Miller Constructions (Launceston) P/L

Proposal:        Single dwelling and garage

Location:        14 Brownrigg Street, HILLWOOD (PID 7386874)

Closes:            27th October 2017

Site Plan

Title Information



DA No:           DA 2017/69                                   Site Plan

Applicant:      Forico Pty Limited

Proposal:        Forestry; harvest of existing plantation within 100m of the Tourist Road Corridor

Location:        Bridport Road, GEORGE TOWN (PID's 3313424 & 3313432)

Closes:            3rd November 2017