Current Development Applications

The following applications have been submitted under Section 57 of the Land Use Planning & Approvals Act 1993

DA No:           DA 2017/42                           Link Below

Applicant:      Low Head Wind farm Pty Ltd

Proposal:        Wind Farm and Associated Utilities Infrastructure

Location:        553 Old Aerodrome Road, LOW HEAD (PID 6463698), Soldiers Settlement Road (PID 6467429), 381 Soldiers Settlement Road (3456388), Musk Vale Road (PID 6467218), Bridport Road, GEORGE TOWN (PID 3386009/3386041) and 135 Bell Bay Road, BELL BAY (PID 2872953).

Closes:            26th August 2017

 The DPEMP can be viewed on the internet at:

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DA No:           DA 2017/51                                  SITE PLAN

Applicant:      G Hockley

Proposal:        Awning – vary side setback

Location:        63 Seascape Drive, LULWORTH

Closes:            25th August 2017


DA No:           DA 2017/52                                  SITE PLAN

Applicant:      R and K Dornauf

Proposal:        Change of use to boarding house

Location:        14-22 Tamar Avenue, GEORGE TOWN (PID 6444075)

Closes:            1st September 2017


DA No:           DA 2017/53                               SITE PLAN

Applicant:      I Beckwith

Proposal:        Garage – vary rear setback

Location:        246 Low Head Road, LOW HEAD (PID 6457378)

Closes:            1st September 2017


DA No:           DA 2017/54                               SITE PLAN

Applicant:      Cyclad Buildings

Proposal:        Garage – vary front setback

Location:        5 Jacques Road, HILLWOOD (PID 6465036)

Closes:            1st September 2017