DRAFT Communication Strategic Plan



Community Consultation - Consult

George Town Council invites community members to view and comment on the draft Communications Strategic Plan. At Council, we recognise the importance of engaging and consulting with our community when implementing and reviewing our policies and plans therefore we are seeking feedback regarding its content, purpose and direction.

What is this Plan? This plan relates to the Community Strategic Plan 2020-2030 as it aims to build upon, clarify and improve Council’s communication and engagement methods to ensure consistency across our communication channels.

The draft Communications Strategic Plan is attached, and it can also be found here and in hardcopy at the George Town Council Office in Anne Street.

The consultation period will commence Monday 4th of September and will close 5:00pm on Monday 25th of September 2023.

Please provide your feedback and comments in writing via email at council@georgetown.tas.gov.au or via post PO Box 161, George Town, TAS, 7253.