George Town Tree Strategy


George Town Council invites community members to view and comment on the DRAFT George Town Tree Strategy. At Council, we recognise the importance of engaging and consulting with our community when implementing and reviewing our policies, strategies and plans therefore we are seeking feedback regarding its content, purpose and direction.

This Strategy aims to assess the opportunities to plant trees across a range of street types in George Town. It develops a municipal planting plan, implementation strategy, planting guidelines and maintenance guidelines.

The Strategy provides a planning and design process for the planting of trees, including;

  • identifies and prioritises streets that will benefit most from the presence of trees
  • identifies typical street types and provides example tree planting solutions
  • provides a best practice catalogue of design innovations for reference in creating site specific solutions.

Trees play a crucial role in improving the livability of our neighbourhoods especially amid the challenges posed by climate change. They offer multiple long-term benefits from ecological health, environmental regulation, social amenity and economic resiliance. We need trees in our gardens, parks and reserves, and should be an essential component of all streets.

The DRAFT George Town Tree Strategy is available HERE and in hardcopy at the George Town Council Office in Anne Street.

The consultation period will commence on Friday 31st of May and will close at 5pm on Friday 14th of June 2024. 

Please provide your feedback and comments in writing via email at or via post PO Box 161, George Town, TAS, 7253.