Policies & Governance

The George Town Council has nine Councillors elected by the community who also elect the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

The Council is divided into 5 departments: Office of the General Manager which includes People, Performance & Governance; Development and Environment; Corporate Services and Finance; Liveable and Connected Communites; and Infrastructure and Works.


 For more detail, download the George Town Council Organisational Chart.


Local Government Code of Conduct

The Local Government Act (1993) provides a local government code of conduct framework for Tasmanian councillors.  The Code of Conduct provides a consistent, effective and enforceable means to address councillor misconduct.

A complainant must complete a Local Government Code of Complaint Form and lodge it with the general manager of the relevant council within six months of the alleged contravention.

Further information can be found at the Department of Premier and Cabinet website:  www.dpac.tas.gov.au