The kanamaluka Story Telling Experience


George Town Council invites community members to view and comment on The kanamaluka Story Telling Experience. George Town Council, recognises the importance of engaging and consulting with our community when developing new projects therefore we are seeking feedback regarding its content, purpose and direction.

The kanamaluka Story Telling Experience aims to enlighten visitors about the Tasmanian Aboriginal Litarimirina tribe who ranged from Port Dalrymple along the eastern side of kanamaluka/River Tamar, towards Launceston. The story telling experience will offer a glimpse into the pre-European life of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people, including cultural associations, day to day activities, ceremonies and their interactions with the natural landscape. The experience will inform visitors about the struggles that the Tasmanian Aboriginal people endured since European occupation and their continued fight for recognition.

The kanamaluka Story Telling Experience can be found HERE and in hardcopy at the George Town Council Office in Anne Street.

The consultation period commenced Wednesday 20th July and will close Friday 19th August 2022. 

Please provide your feedback and comments in writing by Friday 19th August 2022.

Letter: PO Box 161, George Town TAS 7253