Know before you go



Look after yourself: Ride within your capability, wear the appropriate safety gear, and make sure you’ve told someone where you are and when to expect you back. Make sure your bike is clean, in good working condition, and you have all the spares you need for your ride - including your phone in case you need to call for assistance.

Look after your mates: Look out for each other on the trail, and help those that are in trouble. If you need to overtake a rider, be patient, wait until it’s safe, and alert the rider before doing so.

Look after the trails: Trails are expensive to build, and exist for your enjoyment, so respect the trail builders and only ride on trails that are open, and only on the defined trail tread - no shortcutting! If you see something requiring the attention of the maintenance crew, report it to council on 03 6382 8800.

Look after the Environment: A clean bike is not only a fast bike, it’s also crucial in keeping the trail network weed and disease free. By simply ensuring your bike is squeeky clean before you ride, you’re playing an integral part in helping stop the spread of weeds and disease.


Mobile phone reception covers most of the Mount George Trail Network, but as the trails traverse many gullies, reception may be lost. All users of are encouraged to carry a mobile phone and trail map with them at all times. Trail maps can be downloaded through the website.


Alternatively, you can use the Emergency + app which uses the GPS on your smartphone to help you give the 000 phone operator your location. Download the Emergency + app by scanning the QR code.


emergency plus



What3words is a platform that has divided the world into three metre square segments, and then given each square a unique combination of three words. In using what3words you can give someone your exact location easily, by going to the what3word website or app, activating it, and then sharing the three words that pop up. Download the what3words app by scanning the QR code.



Trailforks is a trail map database to help you navigate your way around the trail network, using your phones GPS to geolocate your position onto map. That means that wherever you are on the trails, Trailforks will pinpoint your location.  Download the Trailforks app by scanning the QR code.



Not an emergency, but still need help? The closet options are: -


George Town Medical Centre
49 Anne St, George Town
03 6382 4333
(call for opening hours)


George Town District Hospital
47 Anne St, George Town
03 6702 6020
(call for opening hours)


Launceston General Hospital
274 Charles St, Launceston
03 6777 6777
(open 24rs)


Not sure if you need a hospital? The GP Assist Helpline can provide advice on 1800 022 222.

Along the trails, you will notice bright red Emergency Locator Signs. The signs display a sticker indicating the trail name, how far along the total length of the trail you are, and emergency information including the unique Location ID, ///what3words, and lat/long coordinates. The stickers look a little like this:

This example sign indicates it is located on the trail named “Keystone” at 1.2kms out of a total trail length of 2.5kms. 

If you have to call emergency services, find the nearest sign by continuing forward or backward along the trail until you find one (they’re every 500m at most) and quote the Location ID, the what3words, or the coordinates so they can locate you sooner.




For all maintenance issues, please call Council on 03 6382 8800 or log the issue on the website.


By using the George Town Mountain Bike Trails, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the conditions of use listed below: -

  • Riders using the trails do so at their own risk and take full responsibility for their own safety;
  • Wearing a helmet whilst riding a bicycle is compulsory in Tasmania, unless the rider has an exemption permit;
  • All trails are one-way only, as directed by trail signage;
  • No dogs, horses or other pets are permitted on the trails;
  • No smoking or alcohol is permitted;
  • No overnight parking or camping is permitted in the trail network or the trail head carpark;
  • No unauthorised vehicles, motor bikes or ATV’s on any of the trails;
  • No electric powered bikes greater than 200 watts without a pedal assist system on the trails;


  • Hours of operation are sunrise till sunset. The trail head carpark boom gate will be locked outside of the hours of operation;
  • There is no drinking water available anywhere within the trail network. Public drinking water facilities are available in town;
  • There are no toilets located at the trail head carpark or anywhere within the trail network. Public toilet facilities are available in town;
  • Riders are expected to stay on the trails and not take shortcuts;
  • Riders are expected to take out anything they take in, including rubbish and food waste. Or even better, take out more than you take in;
  • George Town Council (or other landowners) may close the trails at short notice to undertake maintenance activities, if trail conditions are not fit for purpose, before during or after extreme weather events, or at times of adverse fire weather conditions.


  • Have the correct and adequate equipment for mountain biking, including a clean and functioning bike, a helmet, appropriate footwear and clothing suitable for current and possible weather conditions;
  • Have a mobile phone with enough charge to make a call, in case of an emergency;
  • Understand and exhibit basic trail etiquette - Look after yourself; Look after your mates; Look after the trails; Look after the environment - but most importantly just be friendly to others you encounter on the trail network;
  • Understand the function and how to interpret the Emergency Locater Signage;
  • Check the trail conditions and closure, weather, fire conditions and current bushfire advice;
  • Inform a friend or family member where you are, what you are doing, and when you expect to finish.


Undertaking sporting activities on the George Town Mountain Bike Trails can be dangerous and may result in injury or death to the person, and/or loss or damage of property. Whilst it is the responsibility of George Town Council to ensure the trails are well maintained and fit for purpose, those participating and/or spectating these activities do so at their own risk.

Except to the extent caused or contributed to by the Council, users of the trail network release and agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the Council and all landowners from all costs claims actions proceedings demands expenses judgments damages or losses of any kind including any relating to loss of life of or personal injury to any person or damage to any property (wherever occurring) resulting from or attributable to anything occurring on or in the vicinity of the trail network by any act neglect default or omission by the user.



Become a Partner or Ambassador

Are you a business in the George Town municipality and want to support the project?

There are a number of ways to be involved in both the construction phase and in the ongoing trail maintenance.

In return your business will receive recognitions via direct promotion to the mountain bike community and visitors on our website and on trail head signage.

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