Low Head Lighthouse & Foghorn

Sounded each Sunday at noon, the Low Head Foghorn, at the mouth of the Tamar River, is a unique piece of our maritime history.

The Foghorn was installed in 1929 and decommissioned in 1973. It was restored in early 2000 by a group of volunteers. It is the only operational G-type diaphone in the world. The building also houses a very rare Gardner kerosene engine.

Enjoy the beautiful sea views from the headland and feel free to have a chat with the volunteers in attendance every Sunday at noon. Under ideal conditions the Foghorn can be heard approximately 30 kilometres out to sea. Hearing protection is advised.

If your visit does not coincide with the Sunday sounding, scan the QR codes on the information boards to 'hear' the foghorn and the Gardner engine operating.

The associated Lighthouse was built in 1888 and shares the 'three-short' signal with the Foghorn. Nearby there is the Low Head Pilot Station, being the first pilot station to operate in Australia. The pilot service dates from 1805. You can visit the Maritime Museum and have a light meal at the Coxswain Cafe.  

Access into the buildings is not available. Interpretive boards explain the history of the lighthouse and the wrecks that lie around Hebe Reef. Views to the west extend all

AddressEnd of Low Head Rd, LOW HEAD 7253
Low Head Lighthouse & Foghorn