Low Head Penguin Tours

Low Head Penguin Tours offer a unique nature experience to get up close and personal with the Little Blue Penguins as they return from the pristine waters of Bass Strait to nest in their burrows. You will be met by one of our highly trained and friendly guides, who will lead you on a gentle three minute walk to the viewing platform overlooking the beach. Our guides will enlighten you on the lifestyle and habits of our Little Blue Penguins.

The penguins beach at Dotterel Point - the junction of the Tamar River and Bass Strait. After a short wait, the Little Blue Penguins or Fairy Penguins will begin to swim to the surface, stand up, preen and waddle up the beach. Standing just 30cm high, they return to their burrows which are carefully set out by the penguins in and around the boxthorn bush which lines the coastal reserve.
Tours run every night of the year (including Christmas Day night and Boxing Day night) starting at dusk. Penguin numbers vary for different times of the year - March to October between 10 to 100 penguins will come ashore and between November to February, 100 to 200 penguins will be seen each night.

Low Head Penguin Tours attempt to give everyone from 2 years to 100+ years an up close and personal penguin experience whilst ensuring the safety and sustainability of the penguin colony.

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Low Head Penguin Tours