Bog Beautiful Project 2 Lulworth Toilet Block

Council would like to advise that the second Bog Beautiful Project site undertaking the transformation will be the Lulworth Toilet Block located at the end of Beach Street. The Project was proposed by the George Town Placemaking Committee (PMC) to Council at the October 2020 Council Meeting and was approved.  The artist for the Bog Beuatiful Project was engaged following a competitive process conducted by Council in 2020, and is the artist responsible for the beautiful designs created and painted on to the Elizabeth Street toilet block near the pier.  The aim of the PMC’s projects is to enhance public spaces, in this case municipal toilet blocks, to strengthen the connection between people and places in the municipal area; coordinating and synergising with other placemakers, and consultation with key stakeholders in order to grow community pride, ownership and spirit. 

The Lulworth Toilet Block transformation will be held on the Monday 27th December between 10am -2pm, in partnership with the Lulworth Community Association.  Residents from community are invited to participate in this ‘ “Colour by Numbers Mural”. 

The PMC are encouraging everyone in the Lulworth community to join in on the project and ask that participants observe COVID-19safety measures. To lodge your interest and availability to participate please email Lulworth Community Association and a representative of the Association will contact you to discuss your availability.