Matthew Flinders 250th Birthday

Matthew Flinders 250th Birthday image


2024 marks the 250th anniversary of Matthew Flinders birthday. Join us as we commemorate this milestone with a weekend of fun family activities.

Enjoy a unique experience and embody the spirit of adventure on board the Julie Burgess as you sail out on the kanamaluka / River Tamar.

As a special release, Zenith Distillery is releasing The Matthew Flinders Navy Strength Gin to celebrate Matthew Flinders 250th birthday. This Gin is a local collaboration between Bass & Flinders Maritime Museum, Zenith Distillery and local Artist Ann Williams-Fitzgerald.


  • Tall Ship Julie Burgess Sailing in York Cove
  • Wooden Boat Display
  • Ships & Navigation with a Sextant
  • Dual cake cutting live with Donnington, UK
  • Museum Tours
  • Coffee & Food Vans
  • Children Activities 


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