Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

Ordinary meetings of Council are usually held the fourth Tuesday in every month commencing at 1.00pm (refer to Meeting Planner) in the Council Chambers, 16-18 Anne Street, George Town.  Members of the public are invited to attend these meeting. 

Council requests members to contact Council on 6382 8800 to register their attendance prior to the meeting.

A copy of the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting is available on Council’s website or at the Customer Services Counter prior to the meeting. Further information about public question time and Council meetings is available from Council offices.



Council Meeting Planner 2023

Council Minutes 2023

Council Agenda 2023

Council Minutes - Audio 



Council Meeting Planner 2022

Council Minutes 2022

Council Agenda 2022


Council Minutes - Audio


Council Meeting Planner 2021

Council Minutes 2021

Council Agenda 2021

Council Meeting Planner 2020

Council Minutes 2020

Council Agenda 2020

Council Meeting Planner 2019

Council Minutes 2019

Council Agenda 2019

Council Meeting Planner 2018

Council Minutes 2018

Council Agenda 2018

Council Meeting Planner 2017

Council Agenda 2017

Council Minutes 2017

 Council Agenda 2016

Council Minutes 2016

 Council Agenda 2015

Council Minutes 2015 

 Council Agenda 2014

Council Minutes 2014


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