Animal Product-Safety Recall

16 Dec 2016

Animal Product-Safety Recall image

In October, this year, Radio Systems Australia issued an electrical safety recall notice for the plug insert on power adaptors for our PetSafe® Brand and SportDOG® Brand products produced between 2009 and 2016. Some of the plug inserts have a manufacturing fault that causes them to break apart while being unplugged from a power socket. This can expose live parts and cause a dangerous electric shock. We are writing to ask you to share this information and the attached poster at your local dog park, customer service centre or on public notice boards to bring attention and alert customers to the recall.

 Once customers have reported their product to us on 1800 786 608  or via and we will immediately send a new plug insert to replace the current one.  They will then be able to safely use the product again. We regret any inconvenience this causes, but we are taking the greatest possible precautions to keep all Australian and New Zealand dog and cat owners safe.