NRM Activities Coming Up in Tamar Valley

29 May 2017

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Pasture Demonstration Site Field Day

Friday 2nd June, 10.30am to 2.30pm "Greenhythe"  Archers Rd   Hillwood   East Tamar

East Tamar Landcare Group, in conjunction with TFGA Tamar Valley Branch, Tamar NRM and TIA

•           Compares four pasture plots established to allow producers to see a range of commercially available pasture species in action and in the one paddock environment. 

•           Side by side pasture mixes of perennial ryegrass and white clover, tall fescue and strawberry clover, cocksfoot and red clover, plantain and red clover are establishing

Speakers Peter Ball (TIA) and Corey Hogarth (Agronomist TP Jones & Co.)

 It is important to register for catering purposes phoning Tamar NRM on 6323 3310 or email or go to the website: for more details.


Data to Decisions - (Re-Scheduled)

Thursday 29th June 2017 | Winkleigh Hall | 11am - 2pm


Data to Decisions provides producers and broader industry with up-to-date information on the data available to sheep and beef producers, and how to collect and analyse it to get the most out of your livestock business.

The event is sponsored by Meat and Livestock Australia, and delivered as part of Tamar NRM’s Backyards to Broadacres series.

 Presenters for the day include:

- Demelsa Lollback, Meat and Livestock Australia

- Emma Egan, RMCG

- James Brown, TP Jones

 It is important to register for catering purposes phoning Tamar NRM on 6323 3310 or email or go to the website: for more details.


Benefits of Biochar, Dung Beetles and Earthworrms in

Sustainable Farming Systems

Thursday, 20th July 2017 - Tresca Community Centre, Exeter & Farm visit - 9.30am to 3.30 pm

 Topic will cover:  Sustainable agriculture, small scale farming, the benefits of putting dung beetles and worms to work in your pastures and gardens, biochar for all scales of operations, making biochar (practical demonstration - afternoon visit to Frank & Karin Strie's property).

 Presenters: Agronomist Dr. Graeme Stevenson (Author of " Ruminations of a Poo-ologist: Native and Introduced Dung Beetles in Tasmania" and "Earthworms in Tasmanian Agriculture" and a former senior research officer with the Tasmanian Agricultural Department.

Frank Strie, Master Forester and owner of Terra-Preta Developments (Black Soil Developments) biochar producer to discuss the uses of Biochar, the upcycling of bio mass and use of and waste stream product and manures to improve soil fertility and reduce risk of waste into environment.

 It is important to register for catering purposes phoning Tamar NRM on 6323 3310 or email or go to the website: for more details.


Burning to Plan

Friday 21st July, 1 - 5pm & Saturday 22nd July, 9am - 2pm, TFS Northern Region HQ, Launceston


Tamar NRM and TFS Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods are holding a 1.5 day fire planning workshop principally for landholders with conservation covenants and, if space, those involved in Land for Wildlife. The workshop is open to participants state wide, and will be held at the Tasmanian Fire Service Northern Region HQ Launceston.


Participants will develop a fire plan for their own property using photos, maps, fire history, vegetation, fuel loads, topography, etc. Experts will be on hand to assist with concepts and questions.

 Topics include:

• Some key ecological principles

• Legal requirements (focusing on covenants)

• Fire behaviour

• Risk mitigation

 RSVP essential by 30th June to Gill Basnett, Tamar NRM 0438 265 792 or

Project funded under a grant from the Australian Government and supported by the Tasmanian Government



School Tree Day Planning Opportunities

This year, Tamar NRM is partnering with Launceston council to run School Tree Fortnight (instead of day) in late July early August. We are conducting planting days in Youngtown Regional Park and Waverley Lake Reserve to revegetate and restore native habitat and improve amenity for the community. We thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to work with schools to get students out into, and connected with, their local reserves. We have conducted events in the past with schools on School Tree Day, but as spots are limited, we are extending School Tree Day to School Tree Fortnight between July 24th and August 4th 2017.

 We can work with individual students, classes and multiple classes. For smaller groups we may join a number of schools together. If you think your school might be interested please contact Gill Basnett on 0438 265 792 or

 Tamar NRM still has funds and trees available for biodiverse shelterbelt plantings (or direct seeding) under our 20 million trees project. Planting is to occur before July 2018. Phone Gill for more information 6323 3310. Project funded under a grant from the Australian Government