Sharps Container Exchange Service- George Town

22 Sep 2017

Sharps Container Exchange Service- George Town image

George Town Council is now be providing a sharps container exchange service for diabetic and home-care patients where sharps can be dropped off in approved containers for safe disposal. Approved sharps replacement containers (1.4L) can be purchased at a ‘not for profit’ price of $5.00 from Council.

Sharps are needles and similar sharp objects of a medical nature that may be contaminated with blood or other biological contaminants. Sharps can be dangerous and should not be disposed of with household or kerbside waste, at Refuse Disposal Sites, in public bins, left on the ground or flushed down toilets or drains. Ensure sharps are disposed of correctly into approved sharps containers and kept out of reach of children.

This service will be provide at the George Town Council offices at 16 Anne St, George Town, during normal opening hours Mon to Friday, between 8.30am & 5.00pm (excluding public holidays and Christmas closure)

To dispose of a sharps container, secure the lid of the container and place the container in a clear plastic bag, tie the plastic bag before handing it to Council staff for disposal.


If you require further information regarding this service please contact Council on 63828800.

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