George Town Council adopts Annual Plan

29 Aug 2019

George Town Council adopts ambitious Annual Plan
George Town Council at its meeting Tuesday 27 August 2019 adopted its 2019/2020 Annual Plan.
The plan contains a number of significant pieces of work to be completed over the coming months that aims to deliver Councils 10 year Strategic Plan but also to position the municipality to:

•    take full advantage of a growing and diversified tourism market;
•    capitalise on the mountain bike trail project and Regent Square Redevelopment;
•    enhance Council transparency through improved and regular publicly available reporting on organisational performance;
•    improve community health and wellbeing through the development of a heritage, cultural and natural assets interpretation strategy;
•    prepare shovel ready projects such as Macquarie Street precinct design and East Beach Public Space concept plan
•    future sporting infrastructure through the development of a Sports & Recreation Strategy including the preparation business case for an Indoor Aquatics Centre and finalizing the draft George Town Sports Complex Master Plan;
•    strategic planning by way of the revision of the Hillwood Precinct Structure Plan and development of a George Town Structure Plan; and
•    financial support for placemaking initiatives in the order of $50k for ideas generated from the newly established Placemaking Advisory Committee.

And many more.
Mayor Greg Kieser is well aware the plan is ambitious with many stretch targets for the organisation to deliver on in the coming months saying “it is this Council’s intention to challenge itself, challenge the organisation and challenge the community to strive beyond core business and begin to realise the great potential that our municipality has that we are all so aware of”.  
Mayor Kieser is particularly proud of development of Council’s 2019/2020 Annual Plan, his first as mayor, adding “we must not be complacent but courageous in our endeavor to achieve prosperity for our current and future communities and that extends beyond our traditional reliance on industry.  I believe by delivering the actions within this plan our community is well placed to begin its journey of creating a diversified economy and improving on livability”.
The Annual Plan builds on the $3M capital works program and the big-ticket federal commitments of $2.45M for the Regent Square Redevelopment and $4.4M Mountain Bike Trail to commence in the coming months.

General Manager Shane Power said “while delivering the Annual Plan will be challenging, I am confident that our team of highly competent staff working in partnership with community and Council will be up to the task”  
Council will also be reviewing its ten-year strategic plan throughout the year.    
For further information on the George Town Council 2019/2020 Annual Plan see Council’s website

Download 2019/20 Annual Plan here

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