George Town Council Seeks Community Feedback

09 Sep 2019

Community Consultation Framework Up for Discussion

George Town Council will be placing their Community Consultation Framework on display for public consultation from Tuesday 10th September at 9.00am. 

 This framework outlines the principles, purpose and methodologies that will be adopted by George Town Council when seeking community consultation on matters that impact the community.

 This includes

  • development of strategies that guide future decision-making and service delivery
  • how Council allocates resources to services and projects
  • new or revised policies and local laws that may impact the use and enjoyment of public space
  • Infrastructure projects, including construction, alteration or closure of buildings and facilities.
  • specific decisions that are guided by legislation,
  • Projects that significantly impact on the environment, character, economy or liveability of, or particular localities in the municipality.

 General Manager Shane Power said “George Town Council aims for effective public consultations that will incorporate and seek the views of our diverse community.  We will adopt initiatives to ensure that people from minorities or disempowered groups are also heard when conducting public consultation to ensure that our engagement process is all inclusive”

Group Consultation

The George Town municipality will have until 5.00pm on the 8th October to submit public comment prior to the review of the framework at the October Council meeting.

Please address any feedback to Shane Power General Manager and send via email to or the Council Website Feedback form or via post Council Offices 16-18 Anne Street George Town 7253.