TFS Advise Fuel Reduction Burn for Weymouth & Lulworth

24 Sep 2019

Weather permitting the Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS) will be conducting a fuel reduction burn during Spring 2019, as part of the statewide Fuel Reduction Program which is aimed at reducing the bushfire risk to help protect lives and communities.

Two sites have been chosen:

Weymouth Road -  Weymouth -  Approximately 205 hectares likely to take 3-4 days.  For more details and map for Weymouth.

Fannys Bay Road - Lulworth -  Approximately 21 hectares and likely to take 2-3 days. For more details and map for Lulworth.

People with medical conditions are advised to have a personal plan for avoiding smoke from the burn - advice is available fromthe Dept of Health and Human Services and Asthma Australia websites.

For further information about either of these burns please contact the Tasmanian Fire Service on 1800 000 699 or email

We will advise residence the actual day via Facebook, the TFS will also advise residence through the use of  billboards and posters.