“Let’s Get Working” - Tasmania Employment Presentations

25 Feb 2020

The Northern Tasmanian Development Corporation (NTDC) is hosting a series of free events designed to empower people to seek employment locally and to retain and attract people to regional areas.

 The NTDC is charged with improving the economic and social prosperity of Northern and North-Eastern Tasmania. We are presenting a series of talks across the region in March 2020.

The seminars will also cover:

  • Job search Methods
  • The importance of developing and maintaining a network of contacts
  • Personal experience of looking for local employment, what works and what doesn’t
  • Skills transfer from one industry to another

 NTDC chief executive Mark Baker said these seminars were an excellent way of learning skills to help job seekers succeed in Northern Tasmania.

 "NTDC's main goal is to drive economic growth and the best way to do that is to have as many people in gainful employment as possible," Mr Baker said.

 "We know that working provides people with a sense of pride, achievement and identity.”

 "It also improves people's physical and mental well-being and provides social support through a community network."

 NTDC’s Population Program Manager Edward Obi says that “there is a dire need for locals to be competitive in order to land desired jobs. These presentations will afford them the necessary information to acquire that competitiveness”.

 The seminars are free, and refreshments will be provided.

 What: NTDC Let's Get Working job ready seminars


George Town 13 March 2020

Cost: Free. Please register your interest at envision.org.au