Community Christmas Parade Float Application Form

16 Nov 2020

George Town Community Christmas Parade – Friday  11th December 2020

Below are the guidelines and float application for the 2020 George Town Christmas Parade.  We have thought long and hard and with an extension to the parade circuit we think we can safely conduct a socially distanced parade for 2020.  

The theme this year is “A Tasmanian Christmas” and we invite the Carol Singers to join in the Parade this year to sing on foot or from a float!  With the course extension and all the social distancing guidelines we thought it would be wonderful to join the two events so that the joy can be shared! 

Now get cracking and fill in your applications and we will continue to liaise and work with the George Town Fire Brigade Marshalls to put this show on the road!

Applications are due by the 4th December 2020 - Download HERE