Media Release - George Town Council Launches Kids Activity Portal

09 Apr 2020


 George Town Council’s Mayor, Greg Kieser, announced that Council was thrilled to unveil their Kids Activity Portal today.  Mayor Kieser explained “In response to the Covid 19 pandemic, Council is very aware that entertaining and educating the kids at home will be challenging, as will home schooling and for those working from home.”

 “Apart from exploring the backyard, finding and creating your own fun with in the confines of your home, Council hopes that our Kids Activities Portal will give the community another tool to support them in these unfamiliar times” he said.

 It is with much gratitude that the initiative of Council has been supported by South 32, KEEN Partners and Walker Designs who co-invested in the development of the portal. The portal uses a multitude of website platforms across a broad range of topics that is aimed to educate, amuse and challenge both kids and parents alike.  Some of the activities may need parental guidance or supervision, and Council encourages parents and kids to navigate through the menus and activities to familiarise themselves with the content of this portal. 

General Manager Shane Power commented, “Council continues to follow the advice of Federal and State authorities regarding measures aimed at restricting the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We believe that the Kids Activity Portal is one way Council can assist in providing educational resources, as well as health and well-being services into the homes of our community”.

 "Our main priority is to keep our community safe and do what we can to help ‘flatten the curve’.  It is developments like this one that we believe shows our commitment to a safe and healthy community.  We encourage all families, including those beyond the boundaries of our municipality to discover the Kids Activity Portal  We hope that this site may give assistance, relief or inspiration to families across our state during these trying times.”

 Media Contact

Shane Power General Manager