Feral Cats- Roles and responsibilities

28 May 2021

In Tasmanian the State Government has the responsibility for the administration cat management legislation and local governments have an enforcement role, however we can all play a part in ensuring responsible cat ownership and preservation of native wildlife from feral cats in our municipality.

The Tasmanian Government promotes responsible cat ownership and the Cat Management Act 2009 and the Cat Management Regulations 2012 provide support for the community in managing the health, welfare and impacts of cats.

Under the Act, only registered breeders are permitted to breed cats. Cats that are sold or given away must be more than eight weeks old, desexed and microchipped. The Act also permits the trapping, seizing and humane destruction of stray and feral cats in certain circumstances, and gives landowners and managers the statutory power to control cats found on their land.  

Feral Cats

In addition to responding to cat management issues on land under its management, Council works closely with Parks and Wildlife Services and community groups such as the Friends of Low Head Penguin Colony in the interests of wildlife protection, and has co-invested in wildlife protection measures as a result.

Council has also participated in the review of the Cat Management Act 2009 and Cat Management Plan 2017-2022, advocating for greater resources to manage cats and greater efforts to educate the municpality on responsible cat ownership.

Council appreciates community concern with recent sightings of what appears to be a litter of stray domestic cats in good health currently residing on private land.  Council has requested the owner of the land to attend to the cats in humane manner and in accordance with the Cat Management Act and Cat Management Plan 2017-2022.

For further information on cat management in Tasmania we encourage residents to visit theDepartment of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment 


Shane Power

General Manager