09 Nov 2021

You may have noticed works have started at the roundabout intersection of Main Road and Macquarie Street.
Currently the footpath connecting Macquarie Street to the pedestrian Bridge over the York Rivulet is being redirected around the Pump Track site in preparation for the works to commence later in the month.
Council requests that pedestrians and motorist take care in the area and observe both vehicle and pedestrian controls to ensure both workers and the public are safe.
All works are expected to be completed by Christmas

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 What Are Pump Tracks?

A pump track is a 1-3m wide track that can be used for bicycles, skateboard, in-line skates and scooter riders to practice skills on a series of features, such as berms (banked corners) and rollers (humps and bumps) placed in quick succession. Essentially, they are scaled down BMX tracks which do not require pedalling. ‘Pump’ refers to the action made by riders pushing down with their arms and legs to manoeuvre the bike or board over features to maintain momentum without pedalling or pushing-off the ground.

Pump tracks can be ridden continuously, and different combinations of features can be linked to provide a varied challenge.

Well-designed pump tracks cater for all abilities, with all features being roll-able for beginners, and allowing for progression to pumping, and even jumping for more advanced riders.

Pump tracks can be ridden by people of all ages, from toddlers on pedal-less balance bikes, to teenagers, through to over-55s and older people. Riding a pump track is easy and children are typically comfortable using them within 10-20 minutes.

Pump tracks can create passive surveillance through use by community members in otherwise quiet or unused areas.

Pump Track Design