Check In TAS Update

18 Feb 2022

Check in TAS will no longer be required at premises like retail outlets, shopping centres, public transport and tourist activities.  

You will still need to check in at venues and events where there is a higher risk of COVID-19 transmission. This includes places such as:    

  • Licensed pubs, bars, clubs, night clubs, and hotels  
  • Gaming and gambling locations such as casinos and premises with pokies 
  • All premises where an event is being held in accordance with the Events Framework, like large markets, music and sporting events. 

If you own or manage a business or venue that is no longer required to collect contact tracing information, you must take down your Check in TAS QR code posters from 6pm today.     

Store your posters somewhere safe in case they are required again in the future.    

While you no longer have to check in as much, it is still important to remember your COVID safe behaviours such as hand hygiene, physical distancing and wearing masks in indoor public spaces.    

 For more information about when you need to use the Check in TAS app visit: