Fish Cleaning Station

01 Dec 2022

Today, the first day of summer, we opened the newly installed fish cleaning station and tackle bin at the York Cove Pontoon in George Town.
The project was made possible with the Tasmanian State Government’s support through the “Better Fishing Grants program.”
The fish cleaning station is a quality facility that will enhance the recreational fishing experience and provide the community with a space to help make it even easier to take home fresh fillets for the dinner table.
The red bin in the picture is a tackle bin. Tackle bins offer a handy and safe solution for unwanted fishing lines and tackle. These specially designed bins keep tackle safely secured, allowing it to be disposed of properly and increasing awareness of the need for safe disposal. Fishing line debris can cause harm to wildlife; this issue can be prevented by ensuring that unwanted fishing lines, hooks, and used bait bags go into a specific bin—a positive step towards litter reduction within George Town waterways.
Fish Cleaning Station  Fish Cleaning Station
Fish Cleaning Station