Order of Australia Medal Board

02 May 2022


The Order of Australia recognises Australians who have given outstanding service or demonstrated exceptional achievement. The Order of Australia Awards are not only the nation’s most prestigious civilian awards, but also the very best example of their kind in the world. Any citizen can nominate any other citizen directly.  There is no political, religious, racial, gender or any other organisation that can influence the nomination or its consideration. The nomination and selection process is administered and conducted by the Honours Secretariat of the Governor-General’s staff and selection is made by the independent Council of The Order of Australia.

Through the Australian Honours system, there is an opportunity to celebrate excellence, contribution and qualities which make for a more cohesive, caring and fairer community. 

At George Town Council we are honored to display an Order of Australia Medal Board at our reception. It was officially displayed on Thursday 28th of April 2022 by Sue Shea OAM, Dr Frank Madill OAM, John Osbourne OAM, Mayor Greg Kieser and George Town Council General Manager Shane Power.

The Order of Australia Association encourages everyone to nominate members of our community who deserve to be recognised for their service to the community.  To view the online form, print a nomination form or for further information go to https://www.gg.gov.au/australian-honours-and-awards/nominate-someone-award

To complete a nomination you will need to:

  • Provide their name, age and contact details
  • Explain why they are deserving of an award, including details of their actions of service
  • Provide details of four referees to support the nomination

Please contact the Northern Region of the Tasmania Branch of the Order of Australia Association if you require any assistance – 03 6327 3161