RATs and Mask Disposal

10 Feb 2022

To be COVID safe, used RATs and facemasks should be disposed of in the garbage bin.

RATs and facemasks cannot be recycled in kerbside bins.

Mask straps should be snipped before placing the whole item in the garbage, to reduce the risk to wildlife if the mask accidentally becomes litter.

Used RATs are recommended to be bagged or wrapped before placing in the garbage bin (especially where bin bags are not used).

In addition to the public health risks, the combined materials used to make RATs and facemasks also make them unsuitable for kerbside recycling.  Kerbside recycling is designed for household items made from single materials such as a glass jar, steel can, plastic bottle, or cardboard box.

Only the Rapid Antigen Test cardboard packaging and paper instruction leaflet can be recycled.


RATs and Masks