Be prepared this bushfire season with a bushfire plan

19 Dec 2023

Be prepared this bushfire season with a bushfire plan 
There’s lots of things to think about when deciding to leave or stay and defend in bushfire conditions.
  • The situation can change very quickly and if it does, will you and your household know what to do?
  • How early will you leave? Who will you tell? Where will you go? And how will you get there?
  • Do you have an emergency kit ready? What will you take? Is your property ready? What will you do with your pets or livestock?
  • Don’t leave yourself thinking about these things last minute.
  • Prepare a Bushfire Plan before anything happens.
  • It could save your life and the lives of those you love and care for.
Create a Bushfire Plan and protect what you value this bushfire season.
Follow the link to create a Bushfire Plan now.