Food Safety Supervisor

05 Sep 2023

From December 2023, certain food services, caterers and retail businesses must appoint at least one Food Safety Supervisor (FSS).
The role of the FSS is to minimise the risk of customers becoming ill from food because of incorrect food handling. The FSS provides expertise and guidance to food handlers in the business by identifying and implementing procedures to address food safety risks.
The Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) requirement applies to businesses who handle and sell food that is:
  • Unpackaged (at some stage while under the business’ control)
  • Potentially hazardous (must be stored under temperature control for safety)
  • Ready-to-eat (does not need further processing, such as heating or cooling, before being consumed)
  • Sold directly to the customer (or another business) for immediate consumption.
Businesses that only handle food for (or at) a fundraising event are not required to have an FSS.
The Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) training will be an online course provided by a registered training authority.
For more information, please contact Council on 6382 8800