Weymouth Breakwater Remediation Works - CLOSED MONDAY 5 JUNE 2023

02 Jun 2023

The Weymouth Boat Ramp and breakwater on Trevor Street is a popular fishing site with direct access to the Bass Strait fishing grounds and draws rock fishing to the breakwater.
The Weymouth rock breakwater sustained significant damage to the outer part of the structure in 2016 and over the years due to extraordinary high-wave activity.
George Town Council have engage a contractor to commence remediation works this month. This work is required repairs to a slumped area of the breakwater wall that has reduced the height and dislodged large rocks into the direction of the boat ramp. Due to these works, there will be no access to the boat ramp for a period of three months from the commencement of work. Work wil be commencing Monday 5 June 2023.
Weymouth Boat ramp
Weymouth Boat ramp