Youth Week 2023

10 May 2023

Last week during Youth Week, Future Impact Group hosted the first Youth Open Forum in collaboration with George Town Council. This Open Forum was between the young people of George Town and Councillors; it was a tremendous success, with over 40 young people and 20 community leaders, including local representatives, in attendance.
The day kicked off with an indigenous smoking ceremony led by local indigenous students. Following this, Councillors and students gathered around the fire in the gathering circle to ask questions, provide advice and hear each other’s perspectives on issues that mattered to them. Following the discussion, young people contributed to the ideas wall with specific questions such as “What could be improved in the Macquarie St precinct?” “If they were Mayor, what would their priority be?” and “What is an issue that concerns them?”. The day was a key moment in George Town’s story where Council could actively engage with their young people and hear what life is like for a young person.
Following the Open Forum was an afternoon of free fun and creative activities and entertainment, including a silent disco and basketball shoot-out with the Jack Jumpers Mascot. Seagulls to Chips, George Town’s official Youth Leaders Program, was also officially showcased. This program will serve as a platform for aspiring young leaders to be engaged with high-end guest speakers, delivering innovative mentoring and creating opportunities for change for 20 young people each year.
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