Waste Transfer Stations Fees & Charges

10 Jul 2024

Ratepayers will note an increase in waste charges this year with the adjustment necessary to support the ongoing improvement and sustainability of its waste management services.
The increase in fees was necessary to account for the rise in the State Government’s Landfill levy which has gone up by more than 120% in the past two years.
Other factors which have contributed to the increase include higher landfill fees and transportation costs. Funding is also required to improve working conditions at the Pipers River Waste Transfer Station.
Council has endeavoured to keep the fee increase as low as possible, despite these mounting cost pressures. Waste received at the George Town Waste Transfer Station is weighed and charged per kilo or ton accordingly.
For the Pipers River Waste Transfer Station the fee applied will be based on the actual volume of the waste. For example, if the waste in a trailer could fit in a wheelie bin then the wheelie bin rate will be applied. This method of calculation is common to rural facilities.
We understand any increase in fees can be a concern for our residents. This adjustment is necessary to ensure the continued provision of high-quality waste management services and to cover rising operational costs.
Aligning with Council’s long-term sustainability goals, the fee increases ensure our waste management practices are environmentally responsible and economically viable.
If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Council on (03) 6382 8800 or send an email to council@georgetown.tas.gov.au
Further information on the landfill levy can be found at: https://nre.tas.gov.au/.../waste-and.../landfill-levy