Planning and Building – NEW Bushfire Prone Areas Mapping

George Town Council and the Tasmanian Fire Service have been collaboratively developing a bushfire prone areas overlay for the George Town Municipality.

The approved NEW mapping ensures property owners have a simple method of determining whether they need to consider their bushfire risk.


There are no ramifications for existing properties and dwellings if owners are NOT seeking to develop or change the use of their land.

The mapping will not impact these owners, rather it will seek to appropriately address potential bushfire threats for NEW planning or building applications.


Any property owners considering new building developments will need to consider their bushfire risk when planning or proposing their plans for development.  If you are seeking to apply for a change of use (i.e. use a premises or building differently) or undertake a new development, and your property is in a bushfire prone area you will need to obtain appropriate advice from a qualified person in relation to the bushfire threat.

If your property in NOT in a bushfire prone area then NO action is required, however your designer should reference the maps on the plans when stating the BAL as N/A.

Property owners are encouraged to view the New Bushfire Prone Areas Maps (MAP A, MAP B) to determine whether their property has been included in the NEW bushfire prone areas. 

The mapping is also available for viewing on LISTMAP Users can add the Tasmanian Planning Scheme Overlay to the map, and then search for their property in the search bar at the top of the screen.  


As the municipality changes and grows, Council will have the ability to modify and update the mapping as required.

Council’s Planning & Building Department is happy to assist people in accessing  and viewing the maps online and would encourage that you contact Council with any questions you may have.