Planning Scheme - George Town Local Provision Schedule and State Planning Provisions


George Town Council is now operating under the Tasmanian Planning Scheme, which governs all use and development of land within the local government area.

This Scheme is made up of two components;

  • The Sate Planning Provisions, which are a set of State wide planning rules; and
  • The George Town Local Provision Schedule, which includes planning rules specific to the George Town local government area and the maps which identify which specific zones and codes apply to which land.

The State Planning Provisions can be viewed here

These provisions must be read in conjunction with the Local Provision Schedule and the scheme maps.

The Local Provision Schedule (Effective as of the 4th October 2023) can be viewed in the following link:  

 George Town LPS 

The scheme maps can be viewed via the Land Information System of Tasmania, by applying the “Tasmanian Planning Scheme - Zones” layer and “Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Code Overlay” layer, or by clicking here

Please contact one of Council’s Town Planners to discuss how the planning scheme applies to your land via email at or via phone on 6382 8800.