George Town Interim Planning Scheme 2013

Amendment 1/2018

In accordance with Section 42(3)(d) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993, notice is hereby given that the Tasmanian Planning Commission has granted its approval to amendment A 1/2018 with modifications, to the George Town Interim Planning Scheme 2013.

 The approved amendment inserts Sports and recreation as a discretionary use in clause 24.2 Use Table of the Light Industrial Zone with the qualification “If for a fitness centre or gymnasium on CT 161923/2”.

 The amendment came into operation on the 1st August 2018.

If you are:

  • Building a house, garage or other structure, subdividing or otherwise changing or adding to your property

You MAY need to apply for a Planning Permit.

For confirmation that a permit is required please contact the Planning Department with a site plan of what you wish to do including any existing structures, setbacks to boundaries, driveway, etc. The Town Planner can confirm if an application needs to be made. You can contact the planning department via email at or via phone on 63 828 800.

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