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Draft Hillwood Structure Plan

Council advises that consultation on the draft Hillwood Structure plan has commenced. The document will be publically exhibited for a period of 40 days, from the 19th December 2015, to the 29th January 2016.

Submissions on the structure plan may be made in writing and lodged with Councils General Manager on or before 5pm, March 31st, 2016. 

The draft plan will be presented at a community forum to be held at the Hillwood hall on the 14th January, 2016 at 5pm.

A copy of the plan can be downloaded here. A copy of the Hillwood Structure Plan flyer which is to be distributed to residents within Hillwood can be downloaded here.

If you are:

  • Building a house, garage or other structure, subdividing or otherwise changing or adding to your property

You MAY need to apply for a Planning Permit.

For confirmation that a permit is required please contact the Planning Department with a site plan of what you wish to do including any existing structures, setbacks to boundaries, driveway, etc. The Town Planner can confirm if an application needs to be made.

Please click above links for more information.

If you wish to submit an application online using Councils portal please use this link.

* Council can only accept valid application.

Lodge on line to check your information and proposal evidence can be accepted.

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