Recycling Bin Collection

Recycling is collected fortnightly on the same day as your garbage collection.  


  • Monday - Lulworth, Weymouth & Bellingham
  • Tuesday - Beechford, Lefroy, Mt Direction, Pipers River & Pipers Brook


  • Monday - Low Head, Bell Buoy Beach & Hillwood
  • Tuesday - George Town (north of York Rivulet)
  • Wednesday - George town (south of York Rivulet)

Please ensure you have your recycling out before 6am on your collection day. 

Separating recyclable materials from your household waste stream reduces waste to landfill, uses less energy and protects the environment. Remember to remove all tops and lids, and rinse all containers. All households within the municipality are supplied with a 140L wheelie bin. The bin remains the property of Council, but it is your responsibility to take care of it. Should you relocate, please leave the bin at the property.

What CAN go in your recycling bin:

  • Paper and cardboard - office paper, cardboard, letters and envelopes, junk mail, telephone books, liquid paperboard (such as milk and custardcontainers), newspaper, magazines, pamphlets and paper bags.
  • Glass bottles and jars - wash and remove all caps and lids.
  • Aluminium and steel cans - Aluminium, steel and tin-plated cans, aluminium foil (clean), paint tins (empty) includes food and drink cans, pie trays, clean foil and aerosol cans. Rinse food cans.
  • Plastic bottles and food containers - 01 PET, 02 PE-HD, 03 PVC, 04 PE-LD, 05 PP and 07 O


 Polyethylene Terephthalate: Soft drink, water, sports drinks, mouthwash, sauce and salad dressing   bottles.


 Polyethylene High Density: Milk, water, juice, shampoo, detergent bottles, yoghurt and margarine   tubs.


 Polyvinyl Chloride: Juice Bottles.


 Polyethylene Low Density: Squeezable bottles, reuseable drink bottles.


 Polypropylene: Syrup bottles, yoghurt, margarine and ice-cream containers.


 Other Plastic Containers: Water cooler bottles.

What SHOULD NEVER  go into your recycling bin:


Shoes, handbags

Coat hangers


Electrical appliances

Food scraps


Garden waste

Garden hose

Gas bottles

Wheel caps



Plastic bags

Paint cans (full/partially full)

Plastic toys

Saucepans, pots and pans


Computer equipment and TVs: Unwanted computer equipment and TVs can   be disposed at your local transfer station.

Medical items: Contact your local council to find out how to properly   dispose of medical items.


What items can I recycle and where do I take them?

Please ensure that you place your recycling wheelie bin at the kerbside 1m from your waste bin. 





Recycling will be provided in ALL areas on 26 and 27 December.  On your usual rubbish collection day (even if it is not your 'usual' recycling date), you are able to utilise an extra recycling collection. 


A magnetic calendar showing all collection dates, as well as your collection day, is available by contacting Council on 6382 8800 (or an onscreen version can be viewed by clicking the link) - 2017/2018 Garbage & Recycling Collection Calendar (PDF)

Recycling Information & Videos

What items can I recycle and where do I take them?

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