Recycling Bin Collection


Commencing the 30th July 2018, Council’s kerbside waste contractor J.J.Richards & Sons will be implementing a new schedule for waste and recycling collection starting 30 July 2018. The new schedule will spread the collection over 5 days instead of the present 3 days. In addition, the recycling collection has been modified so that on any particular day the contactor collects half the recycling on week 1 and the other half on week 2.

Council and our contract J.J.Richards & Sons will endeavoured to make this change-over as smooth as possible by providing relevant information to residents.

J.J.Richards & Sons are providing letters showing last normal collection and first new collection for waste (garbage) and recycling.

Council have also backed this up by providing flyers for each collection area/day that includes, a waste collection calendar, information and mapping.

Things to note about new waste collection schedule/service.

  • Waste (garbage) collection is still weekly and recycling is fortnightly.
  • Recycling is now split over 2 weeks on your assigned waste collection day.
  • Hillwood and Low Head collection will move to Thursday.
  • Beechford, Lefroy, Mt Direction, Pipers River & Pipers Brook will move to Friday.
  • Please make sure your bin is out by 6.00am on day of collection.
  • It may take longer to collect bins than the previous service so please make adjustments for this when you retrieving your waste bins.

The new schedule will take some time to get use to and to aid in this change Council highly recommends that residents down load the free app “Recycle Coach”. This App will provide schedules and reminders specific to your location.

Ratepayers please note that the contractor letter and Councils information are being sent to the resident of the dwelling where the waste collection is taking place. Therefore if you are a landlord, shack owner with no post box, have a PO Box or don’t reside at your property, then you will most likely not receive advice.

If you need info about the change to the waste collection service schedule this is provided on this website.

Council will be happy to mail out or provide info at Council Offices at 16 Anne St, George Town.

Also you can download and print out information relevant to your location see below PDF’s.

If you have any questions or need any advice please call Council Offices on 63828820 or email


Download the Recycle Coach App and receive a reminder the night before your collection is due. More information HERE



Please ensure you have your recycling out before 6am on your collection day. 

Separating recyclable materials from your household waste stream reduces waste to landfill, uses less energy and protects the environment. Remember to remove all tops and lids, and rinse all containers. All households within the municipality are supplied with a 140L wheelie bin. The bin remains the property of Council, but it is your responsibility to take care of it. Should you relocate, please leave the bin at the property.

The DO's and DON'TS when Recycling

 Kerbside Recycling Do's

Don'ts for Recycling


Kerbside Recycling Don'ts


Please ensure that you place your recycling wheelie bin at the kerbside 1m from your waste bin. 





Recycling will be provided in ALL areas on 26 and 27 December.  On your usual rubbish collection day (even if it is not your 'usual' recycling date), you are able to utilise an extra recycling collection. 


Recycling Information & Videos

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