CLOSED - Roadside Signage Policy


CLOSED - George Town Council invites community members to view and comment on the revised Council’s Roadside Signage Policy. George Town Council, recognises the importance of engaging and consulting with our community when reviewing our policies therefore we are seeking feedback regarding its content, purpose and direction.

What is this Policy?

This Policy aims to provide guidance for the Council and the community in assessing both signage rationalisation and new signage programs on Council land, in addition to existing statutory processes. All signage installation guidelines not specified in this policy must comply with the Tasmanian Roadside Signs Manual.

Council acknowledges that signs form an important part of the urban and rural environment. They fulfil a range of functions including meeting statutory, commercial and community objectives. Council’s management practices for signage will endeavour to enhance the environment, preserve amenities and promote a consistent approach throughout the municipality.

The Roadside Signage Policy can be found HERE and in hardcopy at the George Town Council Office in Anne Street. 

Please provide your feedback and comments in writing by Friday 29th July 2022.

Letter: PO Box 161, George Town TAS 7253