SunCable Manufacturing


The SunCable team is looking forward to engaging with the community in the last week of January (Monday 29th of January – Friday 2nd February and again in March 2024). Please visit the SunCable Manufacturing website to find out more about the project and register your interest.

SunCable values your input, and all engagement dates and locations will be regularly updated on the website, ensuring you are well-informed every step of the way. In pursuit of valuable insights, SunCable will organise community information sessions and actively seeks dialogue with residents and businesses. Your feedback is important to us as we progress with the SunCable Manufacturing project.

For more information please visit SunCable's website HERE



George Town Council welcomes the announcement from SunCable, having declared Bell Bay as its preferred site for its sub-marine cable manufacturing facility.

The proposal is to build a cable manufacturing facility that will provide the infrastructure to connect the Northern Territory to Singapore, providing green energy produced in Australia to South Asia, which will be the world's largest integrated energy system. 

The SunCable team has briefed Council as part of their commitment to early, extensive and transparent community engagement.