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Waste Management at GTC

Waste management is an area of core business for councils. It encompasses all activities and services that revolve around collecting, disposing and reducing waste. In dealing with waste management, council uses the most effective technologies and methods available while also striving to protect environmental and public health.

All Tasmanian councils run some form of garbage collection and recycling services and operate waste transfer stations and/or landfill sites.

In the north, Northern Tasmania Waste Management Group involves seven northern councils and has developed a waste management strategy.

George Town Council is an active member of Northern Tasmania Waste Management Group.                                   

Both bodies run a number of programs and educational activities focused on:

  • waste reduction
  • re-use of discarded materials
  • waste recycling or reprocessing to recover resources
  • responsible waste disposal.   

Waste Management Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS).

Information on Waste Transfer Stations

For further information on the Northern Tasmania Waste Management Group access their website Rethink Waste via the link here.


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