Weed Control


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Weeds are among the most serious threats to Tasmania's primary production and natural environment. They reduce farm and forest productivity, displace and degrade native species and communities, and contribute significantly to land and water degradation" (WeedPlan - the Tasmanian Weed Management Strategy).

A number of plants have been declared as weeds under the Weed Management Act 1999 because of the actual or potential adverse impact on Tasmania's natural or agricultural environment.

Councils are responsible for controlling weeds on their own property but are not responsible for weed management on all property. Under the Weed Management Act 1999all landholders must take an active part in controlling or eradicating weeds on their property. Under Section 34 of the Act , councils may choose to employ a weed inspector to assist with weed management in their area. {Govt Act}


  1. What is a Weed? 
  2. Which plants have been declared as weeds in Tasmania? 
  3. If there are declared weeds on my land, what does it mean? 
  4. How do I identify the weeds in my area? 
  5. How do I control weeds? 
  6. Is there any funding assistance available to help control weeds on my land?
  7. How do I remove the weeds? 
  8. What are the Council's responisbilities regarding weeds? 
  9. Where can I go for further information?