What items can I recycle and where do I take them?

George Town Council recycles a range of materials at its Mt George Road, George Town and Parry's Road, Pipers River Landfill and Recycling Sites.

Items that can be recycled at these centres are:

  • Cardboard
    Separate from newspaper, flatten boxes, tie in bundles and place beside crate. Do not place in plastic bags.
  • Newspapers and Magazines
    Separate from cardboard, tie in bundles and place beside crate. Do not place in plastic bags.
  • Milk and Juice cartons
    Wash and flatten, stack inside each other to make a brick.
  • Glass bottles and jars
    Wash and remove all caps and lids.
  • Aluminium and Steel cans
    Includes food and drink cans, pie trays, clean foil and aerosol cans. Rinse food cans.
  • PET, HDPE and PVC plastic
    Generally juice, milk and cream plastic bottles, identified by the recycling code number 1,2 or 3 inside the logo which is usually on the base of the bottle. Rinse, squash and remove all lids.

Items that cannot be collected as part of the kerbside recyclables collection service include:

  • Plastic bags
  • Window glass
  • Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • House cleaning product bottles
  • Ice-cream, yoghurt, butter and margarine containers
  • Crockery
  • Meat trays
  • Plastic containers with the recycling code number 4, 5, 6 or 7

If you have any queries re the recycling service please contact Council on 03 6382 8800 or email council@georgetown.tas.gov.au

In addition to the kerbside collection service a number of recycling businesses operate in the area. Information about these businesses, including contact details, can be found in the Tasmanian Waste Recovery and Recycling directory on the Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment website.

This directory lists all the recycling businesses in the State by the type of material they collect. Information about drop off points for recyclable materials in each council area is also included.