Healthy George Town is an evidence-based, community-wide, holistic, collaborative and sustainable health and wellbeing project that aims to create a safe, connected, vibrant, healthy and positive community - and it's FREE for participants !

In partnership with community organisations, local providers and health professionals, Healthy George Town will facilitate the delivery of a broad suite of activities and sessions, events, initiatives and strategy/policy developments - FREE to all participants. Healthy George Town will mobilise the community to improve their wellbeing by; filling gaps in provision, creating pathways, reducing barriers and targeting those with the highest need.

Healthy George Town has been in the planning stages since 2011 and will be designed to add value to existing successful local programs/services and fill any identified gaps, therefore, Healthy George Town will not duplicate services, rather endorse, support and guide new and existing healthy lifestyle providers to enhance their service and their connection with the community

Healthy George Town has four core objectives :

  • Develop strategic partnerships with key stakeholders for the improvement of healthy lifestyle behaviours.
  • Increase the opportunities for participation in healthy lifestyle activities for those with the highest needs.
  • Identify, develop and maintain resources that promote living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Monitor and evaluate project outcomes.

Initiatives will be designed to overcome barriers such as a lack of opportunity, low self-esteem, high costs, social disconnection and/or a lack of knowledge of the opportunities available in our community. By facilitating engagement of all members of our community in improved healthy lifestyle behaviour, Healthy George Town will encourage behaviour change by providing free access to programs, resources and networks to ensure these healthy lifestyle behaviour changes are sustainable into the future.

Healthy George Town was developed in partnership with Healthy Tasmania Pty Ltd

Become a Healthy George Town Partner

Healthy George Town will consider endorsement of physical activity events and wellbeing programs and initiatives that reflect the goal and relate to the objectives of the project.

Endorsement will allow organisations to use to the ‘Healthy George Town’ branding in the promotion of their event or program. This branding will recognize the event or program as being involved in a broader health and wellness network that are contributing to the achievement of the goal of Healthy George Town.

Gaining Healthy George Town endorsement will also allow events and programs to be promoted through the Healthy George Town website, email networks and newsletter. Endorsed initiatives are also able to display the 'Endorsed by 'Healthy George Town' logo as seen in the below image.

Become an Endorsed Partner