Health Speak Podcasts

Healthy George Town is working with Penny Terry from Healthy Tasmania Pty Ltd to create a series five special episodes of the successful Health Speak podcast especially for Healthy George Town!


These podcasts, focussing on how you can help in the community during COVID-19, are a must listen. LInks to each episode are at the bottom of the page.

Finding confidence to safely help victims of family violence during COVID-19

Thinking about what ‘self isolation’ during COVID-19 might mean for women and children who are experiencing family violence can be tough going. It can also make us feel pretty helpless when we’re stuck in our homes either unsure how to help and not confident we’d be able to help in a safe way. In this episode Survivor Advocate Deb, and CEO of the Women’s Legal Service in Tasmania Yvette Cehtel, both talk us through a list of ways that will help us recognise when help is needed and be able to help from where ever we are.

Helping people who are unwell just got hard

When we hear someone is unwell or going through treatment, often our first instinct is to cook them food, or offer to look after the kids, or visit them in hospital. All those things just became more risky, than helpful. So how can we help people with compromised immune systems, without risking making them more sick. Meg Archer knows what it's like to have a community rally round her and also knows how vulnerable this virus makes her now. Meg reckons you can give the casserole a miss and runs us through plenty of other ways we can help. You'll also meet Robyn McKinnon who works in private practice as a mental health social worker and is a front line health worker, as she gives us some simple things that we can do to 'work with' the system, help people who are unwell AND help the health workers who are looking after them.

Why less people are accessing professional support for addictions during COVID-19

For some social and community services the demand for support has gone up during COVID-19, however two local services say they've seen a drop in referrals or enquires from people with addictions. So what's going on? And how can we help? Stephen Hill from City Mission and Hilary Ivery from Relationships Australia talk about what they've seen, what their clients tell them and have some really practical things we can all do (or just think about) right now.

Helping each other deal with our new lives, from our home.

What have you lost since...well, since COVID-19? Some things are really obvious, like job loss or a lost routine, but others are not so obvious, like how having those things made us feel. In this episode of Health Speak, Penny Terry talks with Dan who is currently dealing with what he’s lost, and checks in with mental health clinical Caroline Thain from Headspace, who gives us some practical ways to support people dealing with loss, even when we can’t pop round for a visit

The big and little things we can all do to help people living with an intellectual disability during COVID-19

There seems to be a handful of common words we're all using to explain our lives right now. For Monique and many of her friends, that word is 'confusing'. Monique is the Members President of Speak Out, which is both a membership organisation for people with intellectual disability and an advocacy service. In this episode, Monique talks about what's changed and what's helping her get through the days. Speak Out Advocate Jo Ellis shares the sorts of things the people she supports need help with and how her service is changing to meet their changing and growing needs. The things we learn in this episode are both heartbreaking and awesome, plus there are plenty of things to add to that list of ways we CAN help others, from our homes


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