The George Town Municipality offers significant opportunities for a broad spread of industrial development. The Bell Bay Major a0nd Heavy and George Town General Industrial Areas provide a variety of low cost appropriately zoned land and buildings. George Town's strategic location and existing infrastructure makes it an ideally suited manufacturing, transport and distribution hub for local, national and international companies. The advantages of this location are:

  • Ready access to the national highway (B-Double capabilities)
  • Ready access to the Bell Bay international port facilities
  • 60 minutes from Tasmania' premier air freight port
  • Well serviced by the state rail system
  • A large flexible and skilled workforce
  • An established and diversified business base with opportunities for all sizes of industry
  • high capacity energy supply

Our community of George Town has competitively priced accommodation with town or country lifestyle, supported by excellent shopping, recreation, health and education facilities in a clean, relaxed and friendly environment.

Bell Bay Industrial area is an example of the capabilities that the area can deliver.

Bell Bay is a production site for several large multinational companies that require quality infrastructure, skilled workforce and ready access to the world markets. these three key business inputs are all accessible in this quality industrial estate.

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