Advice to Applicants

Thank you for giving consideration to applying for a position with George Town Council. Please read the following information before submitting an application.

The Selection Process

George Town Council positions are filled in accordance with suitability for the position, the relative merits of the candidates and relevant legislative requirements. Merit and suitability are assessed through an objective selection process that comprises the written application, the applicant's performance at interview, any assessment tools that are utilised and referee reports.  The successful candidate is the one who by this process is determined to best meet the selection criteria.

Gender Equity

The George Town Council is an equal opportunity employer.  Female candidates are encouraged to apply for vacancies with the Council.  Selection of the successful candidate is made by the selection process described above and without discrimination or regard for gender.

The Council also has a range of family-friendly policies and flexible working arrangements which will assist both male and female employees in meeting their family obligations.

Your Application

Job applications need to be clear and concise as this is the first step in demonstrating your relevant knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience for the role. All applications will be considered based on the essential and desirable requirements of the positions (the selection criteria is sometimes referred to as required attributes). The selection panel reviews all written applications and short-listing for the interview is based upon statements addressing the selection criteria. Many applicants do not proceed past this first stage of assessment due to failing to provide sufficient information in their applications.

Your applications should provide information that demonstrates the following:

  • Your knowledge and skills against each of the selection criteria citing relevant examples;
  • Your experience and qualifications and/or your ability to develop the skills required.


Please do not use a presentation folder when submitting your application. Simply secure your application with a paper-clip in the left-hand corner. As your application will not be returned to you, it is important that you keep a copy for your reference, making sure that you do not include original documents.

The format for your application is:

Covering letter

It is recommended that you include a short covering letter that introduces yourself and details the reason that your are applying for the position.

Current resume/curriculum vitae

A resume is a history of your employment and work experience and should cover the following areas:

  • Your employment history in reverse chronological order, starting with your current employment;
  • Details of the positions that your have held, including employment dates, capacity in which you were employed (eg; full-time, part-time, casual), where you were employed and brief outline of the main duties and responsibilities;
  • Your educational qualifications. This should include the title of your qualification, the year awarded and the title of the institution attended. Copies of your academic qualification should also be attached;
  • Information regarding training courses or developmental programs that you have attended should also be included.

Selection Criteria

A statement addressing the selection criteria must be included with your application.

The selection criteria represent the minimum level of knowledge and skills that individuals will need in order to satisfactorily perform the duties of the position. You must address each criterion in your application citing relevant examples on how you believe you meet or have the potential to meet the requirements. The criteria should also be addressed in terms of the major duties of the position for which you are applying.

Applications are rated against the criteria in order to short-list candidates for interview and then to select the most suitable and meritorious applicant from the field of candidates interviewed.

In addressing the selection criteria you should consider the following guidelines:

  • Read the selection criteria carefully and identify the major factors in each selection criterion;
  • Determine how you meet each criterion;
  • When making a statement on how you meet the criteria, cite relevant examples that detail how you were involved in a process, or how you applied a relevant skill or ability. In providing evidence or support your achievements, explain how you were successful;
  • Check that you have addressed the major factors;
  • It is not sufficient to simply state that you meet the criteria without explaining how;
  • The suggested length of response should be approximately half-one page per criteria;
  • As a general rule, the more senior the role, the more complex the selection criteria and the more detailed your response should be.


Details of at least two referees should be included with your resume. It is desirable for at least one referee to have been a supervisor or manager from your past employment.

You should:

  • Supply each referee's name, position, organisation, business address and contact telephone number/s;
  • Contact your referees with the details of the position that you are applying for in the event that they may be contacted to provide a verbal report about your skills and abilities and suitability for the position for which you are applying.

Submit Your Applications

Applications can be submitted either by:


Human Resources
George Town Council
PO Box 161
George Town TAS 7253



The Interview

The interview allows the applicants to expand on the information provided in the written application.

The interview will be conducted by a panel, which will generally consist of three (sometimes more) members. The panel will ask all applicants the same set of questions based on the selection criteria. However, supplementary questions may be asked of each applicant to gain additional information in relation to the selection criteria. You may also ask questions or seek clarification from the panel regarding the position, career development or conditions of employment.

What should I bring to the interview?

You should bring the following information to the interview with you:

  • A copy of your application including your resume;
  • Originals of relevant qualifications;
  • Originals of written references if you have provided copies within your application;
  • Any additional material if required (for example: samples of work);
  • Questions you would like to ask the interview panel;
  • It is also permissible to bring dot-point information that may assist you during the interview (for example: dot-points against each of the criteria to assist memory recall).

What happens after the interview?

The panel will assess the candidates interviewed to determine the candidate considered to be the most meritorious and most suitable for the role.

In some cases, the panel may decide that none of the candidates interviewed are suitable for the role, and accordingly decide not to make an appointment. This does not happen often.

Once the selection process has been completed, a selection report is written detailing the preferred candidate. Once the panel's selection has been approved the successful applicant is advised verbally and then provided a formal offer of appointment in writing.

Unsuccessful candidates will be advised in writing.